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Monitor GitHub Actions workflows

As the number of managed repositories and workflows grows for the profound engineering teams, the need for monitoring the status or workflow runs increases. It is almost impossible to have actionable insights on your the status of your builds, jobs, and workflow runs of your GitHub Actions workflows, just like finding the needle in the haystack.

Foresight for Monitoring your GitHub Actionsโ€‹

Foresight has a functional dashboard that lets you monitor & troubleshoot all of your CI workflows in a single place at the same time. It helps you troubleshoot your CI workflow runs by generating key performance metrics, such as which pipelines, build steps, or jobs are run; which ones fail; and how long they take to complete.

Questions that Foresight answers for youโ€‹

You can use Foresight's Highlights to shed light into your workflows.

Which workflows are the most costly?โ€‹

Time means money when it comes to any CI provider. After gathering your workflow run metadata, Foresight combines those information with GitHub's pricing plan.

Workflow runs

How reliable are my workflows?โ€‹

By checking up the the most erroneus workflows, you can understand the relationship between workflow failure counts and the day range you selected. You can detect the failure frequency of a workflow and start to investigate what is the increasing failure trend.

Workflow reliability

Which workflows take too long?โ€‹

As mentioned, time equals money. Even the currency is developer effort, it equals money. You can track the trend on them and detect if there is any anomaly in increase or decrease in time. If you improve the duration of your workflow, you can see a decline in the average duration.

Workflow reliability

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