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Test Dashboard

Foresight's test dashboard feature gives you a test-first perspective on the state of your CI. It can assist you in looking into performance issues and test failures over time and branch.


To start using test suite dashboard, you need to configure Test kit into your YAML. You can use: Cypress, Playwright, Selenium and many more frameworks with JUnit, JSON and TXT report formats.

Problems that Test Dashboard solvesโ€‹

  • Which are the test suites / tests cause the most failure?
  • What is the median, p90, p95 and the average duration of my test suites / tests?
  • When is the most erroneous day?
  • How is the performance of the test in my feature branches?

How Foresight answers those questions?โ€‹

List all the test suites and the tests in your repositoriesโ€‹

Narrow down your analysis by using filterโ€‹

Test dashboard

Dive into the test case statisticsโ€‹