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A GitHub Action to track and monitor the resource metrics of your GitHub Action workflow runs. If the run is triggered via a Pull Request, it will create a comment on the connected PR with the results and/or publishes the results to the job summary. The action collects the following metrics:

  • CPU Load (user and system) in percentage
  • Memory usage (used and free) in MB
  • Network I/O (receive and transmit) in MB
  • Disk I/O (read and write) in MB


To use the action, add the following step before the steps you want to track.

- name: Collect Workflow Telemetry
uses: runforesight/foresight-workflow-kit-action@v1
if: success() || failure()
api_key: <foresight_api_key>
Get your API key
Learn how to get your API Key


api_keyRequiredForesight Api Key.
github_tokenOptionalAn alternative GitHub token, other than the default provided by GitHub Actions runner.
min_proc_durationOptionalMinimum duration value in milliseconds to trace processes. Must be a number. Defaults to '-1' (no min value).
trace_sys_procsOptionalEnables tracing default system processes ('aws', 'cat', 'sed', ...). Defaults to 'false'.
stat_frequencyOptionalStatistic collection frequency in seconds. Must be a number. Defaults to 5.